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Too good to be true...

Okay, so three days on the trot is pretty good for Glasgow.  As far as sunshine goes, that is.  We suppose we should count ourselves lucky; we were able to run around in shorts and t shirts for a full seventy two hours and thats pretty good going for Scotland. Hopefully, when we get back to Canada next week, it'll be sunshine all the way.  At least that's the plan.

During the hot weather we had a thirty feet tall Silver Birch tree planted by our gardner, James, and the wet weather that's now happening is probably going to be very good for our new arbre.  The tree that was previously in the spot now occupied by the new fella was killed by a bug infestation last summer so we have high hopes for this one.

Yesterday we worked from home for most of the day and then spent a few hours on our roof top terrace scooping up a few rays before jumping in our Jacuzzi to splash about for a couple of hours.  Glasgow is AWESOME when it's so hot!  As we look out our window this morning, however, is it any wonder our smiles are slowly turning upsuide down?

Dashed up west for dinner last night and ran into pals Jill and David and ended up spending a lovely evening on Ashton Lane where we enjoyed dinner al fresco and a few wee shandies therefater.  Having decided to imbibe, we left the car near the resto' and took a taxi home, so all we have to do this morning is remember where on earth we parked.  Hopefully off double yellow lines so our truck will still be there later when we go to reclaim it...

Off to edinburgh today to see Colette and Alan and the kids and planning to drive through a little early so we can cram in a spot of shopping too...

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

More later,

C and J xx


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