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Back in Glasgow for a few days...

It's been a great week; we've spent so much time with friends which is always lovely and I (Justin) went up to my Mums near Inverness for a wee break.  My sister Colette and two of her kids, Elliot and Lucy, were also there and it was great simply to hang around and relax.  We did a fair bit of eating out but for the most part we all just relaxed with Mum and Colette doing most of the cooking.  I felt very spoiled!

Got back to Glasgow last night and two of our pals, Jason and Louise, joined us for a very casual dinner 'sur terrace', and we chewed the fat (no, not the dinner!) for a while and then went upsatirs to our roof terrace where we stayed until about one o cock this morning.  We'd have stayed up even longer but we had our Real Radio show this morning which started at 10am so we had to be a bit sensible.  Hey; are we getting 'all grow'd up'?

Today was MEGA on the radio show; we had so many callers, texts and facebook messages that we - almost -struggled to keep up.  The guys at Real are as overwhelmed as we are by the volume of audience participation... but that's what brings the show alive.  We're super lovin' it on the tranny!

This evening we're staying in as we have a lot of newspaper work to plough through.  But all good; finishing it all tonight means we can have Monday to get on with other things.  And we're plotting some seriously exciting stuff at the mo'!

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  More later from us,


Colin and Justin xx


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