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Second night at The Tall Ships and The Green Lantern

Blimey - the crowds at Greenock were insane.  Such a good vibe and in total around a million people turned up.  Deacon Blue were our headline act yesterday and they TOTALLY blew the audience away.  It was perhaps one of the funnest corporate gigs we've ever been booked to do.  The vibe, the weather, the music; all pretty much spot on.  Everything was perfect.

We rolled back home last night (this morning) about 12.30am so it wasn't even that late but the organisers plied us with Champagne in our dressing room so we were quite sozzled.  Actually we were VERY sozzled.

Today we worked mostly from home on our Toronto Star column and on The Sunday Mail and when they were finished we chilled out for a couple of hours before going to the movies to see 'The Green Lantern' with Ryan Reynolds, one of our favourite Canadian boys.  Have to say, though,  that the film was 'good' without being spectacular.  Ryan R, however, was looking HAWT.  It's worth seeing for the lycra suit alone.  Just saying!

Back now, at home, having just had a long chat on Skype with our geogeous Cheryl from Home Heist.  She's site managing our Toronto bathroom reno's so we spent a while tying down the detail of the design... and then we gossiped for nearly an hour.

We still have two and a half weeks before we get back to Canada so we're gonna fill the time with a few more corporate jobs as well as catching up with friends and family.  The weather has been kinda okay (18 degrees; that's passable for Scotland) but we're looking forward to getting back to decent mercury ascent in Toronto at the end of the month.

Anyway - hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  And hopefully enjoying a little bit of summer.  Wherever you happen to be...

Loads of love,

Colin and Justin


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