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Happy Pride, after the event!

Wow; what an inspiring weekend of Pride celebrations in beautiful Toronto.  Some brilliantly dressed floats and some of the best feathers and costumery we've ever seen! This city positively shines durning Pride; in part due to the weather but more because of the people who live here and the way in which LGBT issues are so well taken care of.

Being gay in Toronto is so much easier than it is in many of the worlds countries where persecution still exists.  Canadians seem less inclined to evaluate based on sexuality and this, to us, is progress from which other countries could learn. 

The feeling of liberation and love on the streets yesterday was just astounding and the marchers (while some were political) never disruptive.  It's hard not to cry when you see so many people taking a positive stance about gay rights.  Toronto stretched out its arms and the world felt a little bit happier.  Okay, we know we're being sentimental but Pride does that to you.  Guess there's a long journey to go with all this... but Toronto, in many respects, is leading the way.  We're SO SO proud to call this city our second home.

After watching the colourful parade with pals Gale, Peter, James and Colette, we headed to O' Grady's to say a quick hello to Cheryl T from Home Heist and then found a lovely wee patio for a few cocktails.  It was nice to just sit and watch the world go by.  With temperatures blistering around 30 degrees we relaxed and soaked up the vibe before hooking up with our gorgeous pal Cherri to see a movie called Beginners.  Starring Ewan McGregor it's a lovely tale of one mans struggle to come to terms with losing his parents (after his Dad comes out at the age of 75) and his new relatioship with a beautiful girl he meets at a party.  Simple and beautifully composed, you'll fall in love with the story and with Ewan's relationship with his cute as a button Jack Russell.  That little pup deserves an Oscar!

After the movie we went to La Societe for dinner with Cherri and David.  Up on Bloor, La Societe is a grand scale French bistro (kind of like Le Select, on sterioids) and with the air beginning to cool we enjoyed a great dinner on the patio.  We'd def' recommend this place as a food haunt to check out.

All in all a great Sunday.  And just another reminder why we love our association to Canada.  If you haven't already visited Toronto...put it on your list of things to do. 

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Colin and Justin xx


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