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Jet lagged

We've been on a wee Transatlantic jaunt. hennce a quiet couple of days.  Back in sunny Toronto we can hardly believe how warm it is - 28 degrees and climbing!

We got our lovely old Merc' out of dry storage and flipped the lid down before spending most of yesterday cutting around the town with broad smiles on our wee pale Scottish faces!

Last night we went to a great we resto' called Franks and hooked up with our pals Cherri and David.  It's been six weeks since we were in Toronto last so we had loads to catch up on!  Really lovely food, great chat and all in al a fab' night.

We've got this morning off so we've just applied the sun screen and are going out on our terrace for a couple of hours sunbathing.  We've got meetings this afternoon from 2 but at least we've got a few hours to kick back in the meantime.

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty!  More updates from us later!

Cheers me dears,

C and J x


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