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Take That!

Unless you've been to one of the shows during the tour, you can't even imagine just how fantastic the lads are.  We were totally blown away by the stageing and the sheer enthusiasm of the band.  We liked Take That first time round, but now their music is even better!  And their energy is nothing short of mind blowing!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we got to Hampden with our pals Liz and Peter at around 6pm and went straight to the hospitality area where we bumped into loads of friends, all of whom were in a state of what can best be described as elevated frenzy.  The crowd was high on expectation and the atmosphere was utterly electric.  After we'd mingled for a while we went downstairs to the dressing room area to meet Robbie and his gorgeous wife Aida and they were remarkably calm, given that the show was only a couple of hours away.  

Aida had watched one of our 60 Minute Makeover episodes the day before so we chatted about that and then listened as Robbie enthused about how well he's getting on with his bandmates.  It was really good to catch up again and brilliant to have him here in Scotland!

After a few glassses of fizz we went back up to the royal box, sorted for us by Robbie, and jumped around like lunatics as Pet Shop Boys marched through their fabulous support set..  We've seen PSB's a couple of times and they didnt let us down! 

Eventually, as daylight gave way to darkness, Take That took to the stage and belted out some brilliant material and then, after huge expectation, The Robster joined his pals and the crowd went crazy.  As did we!  And when he dedicated Angels to us, we were totally blown away.  He's such a lovely bloke and made us, and our friends, feel so welcome.

Even the drizzly rain didn't put the band off their stride and they kept going until around eleven pm.  We're so glad we were able to make it to the show.  We'd go again in a heartbeat if we could!

After the show, we headed back into hospitality where we met up with more pals, and then we dashed off, en masse, for some late night food at The Noodle Bar on Sauchiehall Street.  It's been great to be back in Glasgow for this extended trip and brilliant to build new memories in our favouite city.

If you get the chance to catch Take That during this wonderful tour we'd certainly recommend it.  They really are a fantastic bunch of lads who are clearly savouring their opportunity to be friends again.  And it SO showed throughout their performance.

Trust this finds you all hale and hearty,

Cheers for now, 

Colin and Justin, Style Warriors xx


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