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Welsh Wales!

We flew down to Wales yesterday and stayed at the wonderful St Davids Hotel and Spa on the water side in Cardiff.  Have to say that we were totallly knocked out by just how friendly and warm the locals are.  We really should spend more time in Welsh Wales - we totally fell in love with the landscape and the people.

Went to a wonderful resto' called Holm House (not part of the London chain, as we'd previously thought but a FANTASTIC venue nevertheless) and had a fabulous meal.  My lovely brother Damian and gis girlfriend Tricia pre phone ordered a bottle of Champagne as a surprise for us so that was a lovely way to start our meal!

This morning, we had family matters to attend to in Caerleon, but we spent the rest of the day back in Cardiff.  It's actually a lovely city and we felt a real connection and really hope we can go back soon.  Some great home shopping via TX Maxx and Habitat and some brilliant wee art galleries dotted around the city all added to the fun.

And then all too soon our trip was over.  In fact we've just got home after an easy flight but it's cold and chilly in Glasgow with rain coming down like stair rods.  Got to say we LOVE Glasgow but we are getting REALLLY tired of this calamitous weather.

Tomorrow morning we're fronting the launch of The Gay 5K running event.  It's a press launch at One Devonshire Gardens and we've been told there will be two gold painted models on site.  Lois, an ex Miss Scotland who we know, and the current Mr Scotland.  Should be a giggle.  

For now we're planning IF we should watch Human Centipede.  Just been given the DVD so we're making our minds up.  We'll report back...

For now we hope you're all well, hale and hearty,


Colin and Justin xx










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