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Sorry to be quiet!

We enjoy updating this blog as often as we can but sometimes works runs a little crazy and we miss a couple of days.  Please excuse us.  And consider our wrists totally slapped!

Truth of the matter is we've been tied up on a few press deadlines - our Toronto Star and Sunday Mail columns file on a Monday so weekends are often part consumed by filing copy and photography.  But hey; we love our written work as much as we do our TV and other media so that's all good.

After a long lie in, we popped out to Ikea for some bits and bobs (and a meatball lunch!) and thereafter browsed the West End Festival before Colin went to see his Mum late afternoon.

When he got back we hooked up with our pal Peter and went to an Indian resto in the West End for dinner.  Someone told us that the boss doesn't pass on tips to the staff so we're going to do some research and find out if this is indeed true.  If it is we WON'T be going back. We realy enjoy indulging waiting staff - if service is good and if we feel well looked after - and would be angry to find out that the folk we tip don't see the benefit.

We're now back home and planning on a relatively early night as we have a really busy week ahead.  Got some great meetings, one of which will allow us to tell you about an exciting new media opportunity (outwith TV and print) that'll be starting in just two weeks time.  Something quite new for us so watch this space for details over the next few days!

For our pals and fans on the West Coast of Canada, we've just been booked to appear at The Abbotsford Women's Show.  It's always a fun event and takes place in October.  We'll post the website details on here.  If you're nearby - please come and visit!

Hope you guys have had a great weekend,


Colin and Justin xx


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