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Stormy weather!

So sorry to hear of the damage done in America; our thoughts are with all those who've been affected.

Nearer to home in Glasgow, a walloping great tree branch crashed down on our Range Rover and smashed the bonnet.  Thankfully, we weren't  in the truck at the time but it's still pretty scary... and damaged.  So off to the garage go we...

 Spent all morning thus far trying to establish if we should claim and pay an excess and lose our no claims bonus or simply absorb the cost and instruct the work.  BUMMER!

Hope you guys can tune into Sixty Minute Makeover today at 2pm on ITV1.  It's a fun episode hosted and designed by us.  Redesigning Britains style free homes, one needy room at a time!

And please remember to watch the final episode of Home Is Where The Heart Is on ITV1 tonight at 9pm.  Jim's journey continues as he faces his demons... but this time form the safety and security of his own home.  It's a tear jerking finale and our thoughts are with him as his battle continues.  For the record, we spoke to Jim the other day and he has asked us to pass on his thanks for all your support.

Trust this finds you well, hale and hearty,

Our love,

Colin and Justin xx


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