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Sorry we\'ve been a wee bit quiet!

Yup, Home Is Where The Heart Is has taken such a lot of time in terms of press and promo' but it's all good fun and really satisfying to see the show being so well received.  Our biggest aspiration for Jim, our house guest, is that he finds peace and a safe life.  His alcohol demons continue, but he's on the road to some type of recovery.  He's clearly hit a note with the British public as we've had so many wonderful letters and emails wishing him all the best as his struggle goes on. 

In other news, we've been working with Vodaphone on a little press campaingn relating to App's and the net.  More deets to follow.

Guested on The Hour yesterday and had a lovely tme with Michelle and Stephen.  It''s always SO lovely to pop up on that show and we had a lovely gaggle of fans waiting at the front door for autographs afterwards.  We love getting a chance to meet the people that watch our shows and it's a great way of keeping in touch with what people like - and don't like - about the stuff we get upto!

Today we've had a pretty lazy day.  We took the cars in for their MOT's and then worked from home for a while although a gust of wind which closed our back door found us locked out for two hours till someone appeared with spare keys!  Oh, the joys...

Hope everything has been good with you guys.  Thanks so much for the ongoing support with the homeless documentary.  Please send Jim good vibes.  He still needs them...

Loads of love,

Colin and Justin xx


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