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Howdie, style seekers,

Dashed up to Richmond Hill to see our friend Shalini who's just had a gorgeous wee baby boy called Jackson and spent a few lovely hours on her terrace with her in laws Lady Di and Jack.  Hubby Shaun was working so we didn't get to see him but we'll catch up next visit.  What an AWESOME family they all are...

Then we hooked the rag top down on the old Merc' and drove back downtown to meet Cherri and David for lunch at Terroni's which was really lovely.  A far better venue, we reckon, than the sister resto up at Summerhill...

Now we're back at our place doing a spot of work before meeting our pal Bob for dinner tonite.  Not gonna party too wildly as we have to be up at dawns crack to shoot a kitchen reno that we've been working on.  We've taken a tired family food prep' zone in Etobicoke and turned it into a bright fresh miracle.  You'll see the results in The Star obver the next week or two.  Our FAVE photographer Brandon Barre is doing the pics so we know that it'll look especially lovely!

Hope you guys have got a fun weekend planned,

Speak soon, stay well and be safe,

C et J x


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