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Blimey - what a busy week we\'ve had!

We don't like it when we can't update our website on a daily basis but our week long engagement as Special Royal Correspondents on City tv has consumed SO much of our time.

We've been working on City Line, BT and City News all this week and today was no different.  Our studio call was 4.30am which meant getting up at 3.30am to prepare.  Then we were live on the sofa with Kevin Frankish to discuss the day as it unravelled from 5am Toronto time.  The broadcast went coast to coast across this wonderful country and it was such fun to be invloved and to comment on such an important day.

When BT finished at 9am in Toronto we whizzed donstairs to the main studio at City (in Dundas Square) to appear on City Line with the lovely Tracey Moore.  It's always fun doing this show and we relished every minute as we discussed taking tea, royal style, and also considered how to deliver the perfect courtsey or bow.

After this we raced back home and did something VERY un Colin and Justin.  Yup, we took an afternoon nap!  Three hours of ziz to replenish our batteries ahead of an important business dinner we have this evening.  Boy, we're pooped!  But in a good way.  Still, a wee glass of whisky will revive us later on!

If you want to get our take on the day as well as our insight into 'who wore what' then visit our news page and read the feature we've just written for The Toronto Star.  All good fun and we tried to be as kind as possible about the dresses and hats worn by Princesses Beatrice and Eugine.  Just saying!

Hope this finds you all hale and hearty,

Loads of love,

Colin and Justin xx


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