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Busy week!

Hey chaps, hope all's well with you guys.  We've had a realy great week in Toronto but can hardly believe its gone so fast! The weather in this city always takes us by surprise; we can wake up and look out our windows and it'll appear warm and sunny... but then we'll step out onto our terrace and it'll be freezing! And todays no different; blue skies and gorgeous, but chilly to the max.

Had a couple of great dinner parties this week in our condo.  The first was for two dear friends called Michaela and Normie and they brought us the most amazing, amazing gift - a set of 24 height adjustable gold rimmed glasses and they're so beautiful,.  It was great to catch up with them as we haven't seen them for ages and we chatted well past midnight before the night drew to an end.

Our next dinner was last night and Tina, Dee, Noelle, Tim and Gale joined us for an evening of extreme laughter and far too much booze.  But hey; its holiday time and we partied till 3am! Feeling a little fuzzy this morning though...

In work news we've just hooked this fun gig as Special Royal Correspandents for Kate and Will's big day.  We've already filmed a load of pre recorded stuf with City but we're with them all next week on City Line, BT and City News reporting live.  Hope you can all tune in!

Today we're off to Yorkville for lunch and a spot of shopping.  Gonna take it SOOOO easy today as we're keeping ourselves clear for dinner tonight with our pals Katherine and Chris and tomorrow we're off to Cherri and David's for dinner and we KNOW we'll party....

Happy Easter in the meantime.  May all your egg dreams come true!

Colin and Justin, Transatlantic Easter Bunnies! xx


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