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Family night in...

Afternoon, troops!

Well, we had a great wee night yesterday. Spent it at home in our condo with brother Damian and his girlfiend Tricia who are both in Toronto for a few days.  Called the local Japanese resto' and they delivered a luscious banquet to our wee pad, 39 floors up. in the Toronto sky.  DEELISH!

Then the wine started flowing and we enjoyed the most gorgeous Ontario vino's that D&T brought back from Niagara.  Certainly felt a wee bit light headed this morning but it was well worth it as we had a great wee party.

This morning we met up with our pal Gale and she gave us the most amazing gift; a book based on us called C&J - an A to Z!  It's a gorgeous account of her trip to the UK at Hogmanay and features wonderful photography all snapped by her.  Our UK homes, party pics and whole host of other associated fun photography. 

Now we're back at our condo for a couple of hours R&R before hooking up again later with D&T to go to the Hyatt terrace bar for cocktails and then on to Mildreds Temple Kitchen for dinner.  All good fun. 

Might just go and have a wee swim now or perhaps we'll just chill for a wee while.  Who knows!  We'll report back!

Cheers for now.  Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty!

Love, Colin and Justin xx


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