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New York, New York...

OMG - we've had a BLAST in NYC.  We always do, really, but this trip has been especially good funt.  Have to report that we've kind of eaten ourselves into decadent oblivion courtesy of the awesome restaurant scene that never fails to impress.  Whatever you like in NYC is there for the taking...

For this trip we stayed at the amazing Surrey Hotel up on East 76th.  It's a bit removed from the downtown buzz but we really like that.  Its nice to dip in and out of the buzz as and when required and besides - the staff are amongst the best in the city and the hotel is just gorgeous.  It's our second trip to The Surrey - Sean Connery invited us to his cocktial party as part of Dressed To Kilt last year and we'd promised ourselves a trip back ever since.  It's composed of a beautiful monochromatic aesthetic, acres of glossy black surfaces and that iconic picture of Kate Moss, gold painted, on the lobby wall.

During this NYC trip we've had some great meetings in the city and we also ran into, quite by chance, an old pal called Carlos, in a florist nearby one of our meetings.  It's such a massive city but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool when sliding doors open the right way.

Last night we enjoyed dinner on the terrace at The Surry and it was incredible to enjoy balmy evening temperatures and heat sufficient to sit there with only our shirts on.  Okay, with trousers on too but you knew what we meant!

This morning we headed to an amazing antique store on Madison to see another friend, Bernard, who we've not seen for nearly a year.  He showed us a lamp he's selling for THREE MILLION DOLLARS!  Wow - a beautiful piece of Tiffany that totally blew us away!  Needless to say we didn't buy it!

After a final walk through Central Park we made it back to The Surrey in just enough time to grab our bags and head back to the airport.  Which is where we are at the moment, awaiting our flight to our lovely home form home in Toronto.  This evening my brother Damian and his girlfiend Tricia are coming around for some takewaay and a glass or two of bubbly.  They're on a grand tour of North America at the mo and we're looking forward to seeing them 39 floors up in our condo!

Hope this finds all of you well, hale and hearty,

Loads of love,

Colin and Justin xx


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