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Having a ball in NYC!

"How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Dan Radcliffe... Just been to see the show on Broadway. Its astounding.  Really well put together, amazing performances and wonderful choreography.  Mr Radcliffe is actually staggeringly good in his role as a guy who simply luck out...

Now back at our hotel having eaten the largest pieces of cake post show in a cool wee deli. Nice but now we feel a wee bit grossed out. Jurassic portions...

Tomorrow we're going on a helipcopter tour of The Big Banana with my brother and his wonderful partner Tricia.  All good!

For now we're planning an early night.  We know - we're in New York, the city that never sleeps... but we're pooped! 

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Loads of love,

C et J xx 


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