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Stormed up to The Blysthwood Hotel for a day of press junkets and lukewarm coffee.  First up was with The Sunday Mail for a cover story in Seven Days.  It'll appear in the next couple of weeks and will be all about our new ITV show  'Home Is Where The Heart Is'.  Next was a phoner with Whats On TV and this was followed by a phoner with Best magazine.  We love covering a lot of ground in one day!  Lastly we did a wee piece for The Herald about the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Later, back at the ranch, we started packing to head on over to Canada.  When we were wee boys, our Mum's remind us, we used to pack for holidays about two weeks before leaving!  Well we were excited!  And packing a whole day before leaving for Canada made us feel doubly excited.  Mind you, we have everything in our condo in Canada so we don't actually need to pack.  Just passports and so on...

Headed out for some Indian food as a wee reward for all the hard work.  Now looking forward to a slice of apple pie which is currently de frosting...

Hope this finds you all well and hale and hearty,

Loads of love,

Colin and Justinx x


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