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Evening, troops!

Been bogged down in all sorts of work for the last few days - sorry to have been quieter than normal. Plus we're trying to wean ourselves off our twitter addiction.  Who else uses twitter?  How do you all find it? We're trying to sort ot what we think is called tweetdeck so we can tweet and facebook at the same time.  If it works it'll save a load of time!  Any clues from anyone on here?

Tomorrow we have another junket day of media ahead of our new show Home Is Where The Heart Is.  First up is a spread with The Sunday Mail and then we have interviews with Bella Magazine, What's On TV and various others.  We like these junket days as we can mark out a whole lot of media in one strong day of interviews.  All good fun.

Been packing ahead of our trip to Canada and New York.  Trying to do 'capsule wardrobe' but so far we can't reduce it any further than three suitcases. Some further trimming may be requred...

Just watched I Love You Philip Morris with Jim Carey and Ewen McGregor.  Both are really good and it's an okay movie without being awesome.  If it truly is a real story, however - WOW!  A weird tale of scams and skulldugery.  Cleverly composed but as we say - good without being mindblowing. 

Tonight (as we enter our eleventh day without a drink) we're planning another early night.   It's been great ditching the bevvy bit it's not forever.  Just aiming to do a week clear...

So that's you up to date.  We're off to Toronto on Thursday and then over to NYC for a few days.  So rather a lot going on; we'll keep you up to date!

Hope this finds you all well,


C and J xx


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