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Trolley dash...

Good afternoon! 

Well today we yanked ourselves from our slumbers early bells  to go on a wild trolley dash around alll manner of home stores.  Now we know what our TV stylists feel like as they rush against the clock to meet our deadlines and 'reveal' times!   We love our girls!

Got some great bedding in TX Maxx and some cool ceramics and stuff in Homesense, the latter being a store we actually opened in Glasgow a couple of months back.  Hells bells that was a busy morning.  2000+ people queued up for that event!  Never signed so many autographs in our lives at one time!

Back at the ranch now plotting a whole new look in one of our sppare bedrooms.  We've done a soft grey and black floral wallpaper and had been looking at grey bedding and such like but we found this awesome appliquee duvet set for forty quid and it actually lifts the room to a whole new level.  Good times...

What's everyone else been upto? Any hot news for us?  Feel free to use our forums to share pics and stories,

Cheers me dears,

C et J xx


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