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SUCH a productive day! And isn\'t this a gorgeous pic of Cheryl from our show Home Heist?

You can't even start to imagine the pile of paper work through which we ploughed today!  It had been building up for so long, and, if truth be known, was rather getting on top of us. 

Anyway, after an inspirational chat with two lovely friends last night, we finally battoned down the hatches this afternoon and paid every bill, answered every letter and put in place a whole new system that should stop similar paper work mountains building in future.  Talk about a weight off our shoulders!

Tonight we're off to visit a friend who's recovering from a major (but not awful, thank God) operation.  She's gonna be just fine so we're thrilled to be seeing her again.

There remain just a few more days on this Glasgow trip before we head back to Toronto and New York for a load of work and to write a travel story about NYC.  AND - we're finally going to be installing two new bathrroms in our Toronto condo so we're very excited!

Trust this finds you all hale, hearty and smiling.


Colin and Justin xx


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