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Evening! Morning!! Bet those pics got your attention!!!

Been a full on day for us.  Battled our way through a stack of paperwork to try and ease the pressure before we head back to Toronto.  It's amazing how muchg stuff piles up when we turn our backs...

Had a fab company called Sliderobes round to our place to do a measure up for a fitted dressing room, and a built in media unit in our masterbedroom.  We know you guys have been saying 'didn't you finish your Glasgow house before Christmas?' and indeed we did but only up to the 'builders out' stage.  It now still has to be dressed and furnished tofurther personalise it.  We have several big magazine shoots coming up for which we have to prepeare and time is always running away with itself...

Just realsied today that my brother (Justin's) Damian is going to be in NYC at the same time us as in early April.  That's SO cool.  He's gonna be there with his awesome girlfriend Tricia before they come and visit us in Toronto.  So we'll do a wee bit of partying in NYC and then carry on the good vibes in Canada as we show them the city.  Double bubble as far as fun is concerned looks like being order of the period!

Anyone else as devoted to The Lily Alen Showw and The Model Agency as we are?  We can't get enough of them.  BOTH equally fabulous.  Lily we adore you...

Visited Thai Siam for dinner tonight.  Wicked food, great service and a nice buzz.  It's on Argyle Street if you guys are passing.  Go check it out; you won't regret it!

On the contdown to getting back to Toronto now that we've finished working on two new shows here in The UK.  We're working on a big kitchen project over there (in association with Glade) so we've got to get it just right!  It's gonna be gorgeous and we'll post pics as soon as it's done. 

For now, if you'll excuse us, we're thinking about calling it a night.  One of us (Justin) has apparently contracted Housemaids Knee (don''t ask!) so there's an ice pack chilling and some Ibuprofen waiting.

And btw - this is day THREE, for us, without the drink.  We're on a major health kick ahead of another mag' shoot where we need to be looking super fit and toned.  Stripped back... though not (totally) starkers.  We're using the boys on the cover pic of this posting as our inspiration! So don't panic! Lol!

Cheers me dears!

Nite nite,

Colin and Justin xx


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