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Pride Ball

Hello guys,

Held at the ICC in Birmingham, 1,200 people turned out to make this a brilliant evening.   We hosted sections of the ceremony from intro, to awards and then to the live auction and it was a great experience.  Josh  (X Eurovision) as well as Bucks Fizz and Rachel Adeji all came along as did Richard Anstel and loads of others.   It was awesome to see Cheryl from Bucks Fizz again as we worked with her on Coach Trip last Summer.  Now THAT was a fun show!  Let's just say that Cheryl's relationship with David Van Day was a little, ahem, terse. 

But anyway - back to The Pride Ball.  It's always so good to see so many people making an effort and all guests appeared without fee so we're proud to have been involved.

Danced into a wee frenzy and we have to admit that rather a lot of shandy was consumed.  So for the rest of this weekend we are officially booze free!  Yikes!

Still in Brum at the mo and in a hotel off Broad Street.  It's been great seeing Birmingham again (we used to love here several years ago when we worked at the BBC) and we feel very at home.  Brilliant city.  BUT - if only the town planners had been a little more sensitive to the inner city...

Heading back to Glasgow as we speak.  Our flight leaves in three hours.  So more from us later when we get home...

C et J xx


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