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Tonights special moon and Comic Relief

Blimey - what a brilliant evening we had at BBC Television Centre last night.  Thanks to the BBC foir their generosity in hosting a wonderful wrap party for all those involved in Comic Relief.  Our gift to the charity was simply a week or ten days of our time (preparing for Lets Dance) but there are so many people, both on and off screen, who have given so much more and we are utterly humbled by their generosity and spirit.  So far £75 million has been raised and we are sure that figure will rise even higher over the next few days.  Chris Moyles alone raised over 2 million via his longest ever broadcast.  Respect!

It was lovely catching up with Graham Norton and Richard Bacon and our old pal Addison, Jonathan Ross's agent.  We had a great evening and we just loved seeing how much people were prepared to do to raise money.  In a world where there is such unfairness, it was uplifting to see altruism and good people making a difference.  The true saints, however, are those hidden heoes who, without pomp or ceremony, privately devote their lives to charity.  Everyday people who simply give, and give...

Our day today started very early and we had breakfast on a cute wee patio on Kings Road watching the world go by.  Then we had lunch in The Botanist, one of our favourite brasseries.  Really lovely Eggs Benadict and lovely comestibles.  And it was utterly great to see London buzzing in the sunshine!.We love the energy of this city!

Today, we started work late, at around 2pm on a project that is embargoed until June, but as soon as we can we'll give you all the details!

Our other new show, Home Is Where The Heart Is, starts on ITV1 on May 10th and while we've been lucky enough to work on loads of different shows over the last twelve years, this one has touched our hearts in way that no othe ever has.  You may remember 'Colin and Justin On The Estate' which we made for Ch 5 a couple of years back?  Well this show is similar in emotion to that.  And both shows have changed us forever.  We hope you enjoy it when it finally broadcasts...

Now that work is finished for the day we're chilling out with our favourite brew: Earl Grey.  Rock and Roll, huh?

More updates tomorrow but for now we're having an early night.  We're working from 9am tomorrow.  Next week we'll be heading home to Glasgow for a few days and then we'll  be straight back to our beloved Toronto.  Loads going on over there plus a couple of meetings in New York and LA.  Details to follow when we know more...

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend.  Go out and look at tonight's wonderful moon.  It's pure and beautiful and much bigger than normal.  Then say a prayer, with us, for less fortunate souls than you and us.  The kind of people who have been helped by Comic Relief.  Those who often can't help themselves. 

Once again, thank you to the BBC for all their support with Comic Relief.

Our best wishes,

Colin and Justin xx


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