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Winston Churchill!

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. Churchill. LOVE this! Okay, So Mr C mightn't have been perfect but he was indeed a man who appeared to have had Great Britains best interest at heart.  But don't worry - we'll stop politicising and get back to the fun stuff...

Crack of dawn car today to take me to location.  Blimey, I was up at 6am.  Meanwhile Colin, in Glasgow, had a somewhat later start to his day.  Around 7.30am by all accounts.  He arrives in London tomorrow and after work is done for the day we are off to the Comic Relief wrap party.  Can't wait!  We met SO many lovely people while filming Let's Dance so it'll be good to catch up.

Tonights going to be a quiet one.  I've got a wee curry in the freezer and I plan a long, hot bath.  No fuss, no pomp, no ceremony.  Just a relaxing time.  Some trash telly and an early night.  Another early filming start tomorrow so I need to be looking fresh.  So maybe I'll avoid the wine.  Or, on second thoughts, maybe not!

Hic!  Speak soon.  Hope life is treating you guys well,

Loads of love,

Justin, and on behalf of Colin xxxx


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