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Safely back in Glasgow

Landed in Glasgow this afternoon at 1.30pm and headed straight back to our house where we dozed for a wee bit then got on with the day.  Colin went to see his Mum and I got on with a bit of letter writing and catching up.  We're both tired after the Let;s Dance party last night!.  Okay, tired after all the bevvy...

Later on, when we'd gathered a little momentum, we went to look at our pal Peter's new west end apartment (which is absolutely gorgeous) and then we found a great wee Indian resto' where the food was actually fantastic.  Love it when we unearth a wee epicurean jewel and only wish we could remember what the place was called so we could tell you.  Must be the booze... We'll find out and come back to you!

Headed back to Peter's after that for a wee glass of bubbly then jumped a taxi back home.  We're having an early night as we're working near Edinburgh tomorrow and we have to get the spare wheel in our car fixed before making the journey.  Oh, the glamour.  Can we have a full time assigned chauffeur please, from now on?  Like the kind of hot Russsian driver you'd find in a Kylie Minogue video?  Yes, that will do nicely...

More tomorrow.  Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Love, Colin and Justin xx


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