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Great night at Ealing Studios!

Great to have gone to the Let's Dance final for Comic Relief.  The show raised a total of 1.2 million pounds, but remember - that sum is just part of the grand total for Comic Relief.  The year before last it raised a massive £82.3 million so hopefully this years total will be even more.

And meanwhile - the studio show was a blast.  It was full of really fantastic energy and we were totally thrilled with the winners but quite shocked that the Beyonce impersonator (can never remember his name) didn't make it through.  Hey ho. We reckon the best people won: it's dance show after all and the tapping of the winners was actually really impressive

Our 15 year old neice Lucy had hoped we might be able to get an autograph from Noel Fielding but we went one better and got a wee phone clip of him saying hello to her.  Gotta say he was as sweet as a pea.  Really decent guy.

Star of the night for us, however, was Rufus Hound with whom it's hard not to fall in love.  What a shockingly friendly and fun guy.  In our lives it's good to meet a whole host of interesting folk and while we nevver assume that people will be unfirendly it's always good when someone is even more awesome than we might have imagined. 

After the show - and in the green room party - we all re enacted our wee routines from Let's Dance as the DJ played each of our tunes.  Yup, Zanadu was reprised one more time but this time without the wigs and the shorts.

Frustratingly - cos we hoped for a wee sleep in - we woke at the crack of dawn today.  Off to Scotland in a couple of hours so we're really looking forward to getting back to the old house.  And catching up with all our friends.  It's funny: as much as we always enjoy wherever we are, we always miss wherever we're not.  In London we miss Glasgow and vice versa, and in Toronto we miss the UK.  But we miss Toronto whenever we're in The UK.  And so on... You get the gist.

More later,

C and J xx


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