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The Wizard of Oz

OMG - it's SO windy in London.  We're not far from the Thames in Chelsea and the gale force here, therefore, is wicked!  We're hoping that these winds aren't going to get so bad that our entire building is blown away in some crazy storm.  And, if the wind is so bad, we hope we don't land on some stripey tighted witch before we get the chance to see The Wizard of Oz ourselves.  Hopefully Michael Crawford will be on this evening.  He's been troubled with health issues and has already missed some shows.  We're sure his understudy will be similarly wonderful but obviously we'd like to see Michael himself.  Last time we hooked up with him was for The Woman in White which we thought was a great show although some of the critics thought differently. 

In the meantime we have a lovely day off to do all manner of cute things.  Planning lunch on Kings Road and then we're off to Waitrose to buy some more food  for our freezer.  Gonna do a spot of food prep' while we have the time... so we can save time when we're back in London again next week.

In other news, we're off back to Glasgow on Sunday till Wednesday so we're looking forward to seeing friends and family and catching up with our house!  We've found a great company callled Websters in Airdrie who specialise in top end home product on a budget so we're going shopping!  We'll post the details of that company as a 'Colin and Justin Recommend' on this very site so you can check them out.

Hope you guys are well, hale and hearty,

More later!


C and J xx

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