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Lazy days!!!

Yup, we were jet lagged to the power of ten after getting in from Vancouver but we battled through sleep/wake for several hours and finally arose, refreshed. and ready... for a rare day off work.  Headed down to Kings Road for a fab brunch sur terrace (it's actually really warm in London) and then hit Waitrose for a pile of food which we cooked in our petite wee London kitchen this very evening.  All manner of lovely things...

And we've been domesticated like never before having cleaned our apartment from top to bottom.  It's sparkling liek a new pin now!

We have a lateish pick up before filming starts tomorrow which means we can attempt another long lie in.  Here's hoping.   And remember to look out for another C&J project  'Home Is Where The Heart Is', a three part doc' about Britain's homeless community, on ITV1.  TX for that is just a few weeks away.  Keep an eye here for dates. 

 Spending the rest of the week at home in London before going to Glasgow on Sunday after the final of Lets Dance.  We'll be in the audience cheering everyone else on!

And then in just over two and a half weeks we head back to Canada.  By which time we hope to have our breath back!

Trust everyone is well, hale and hearty,

Loads of love,

C and J xx 


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