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London calling!

Yup, having been propelled through the air at a squillion miles an hour from Vancouver, we're now back in London for a couple fo weeks filming.  And it's dry and sunny here!  Yay!  Had a wee cat nap to fend off the jet lag, then headed out to The Sydney Arms for dinner where we watched he Chlesea v Liverpool game.  BTW - the food in there is fab.  After dropping a bottle of red wine (down our necks; hic) we've now headed back to our apartment for a spot of website updating and such like.   Social wet tursing.  Sorry, social NETWORKING.  We get confused...

Feeling mega dozy after our ten hour flight so if you dont mind we'll keep this bruef.  We have some more sleeeping to do.

Hope all our lovely peeps on here are well, hale and hearty,

C et J xx

C et J xx


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