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A great night!

To celebrate the birthdays of our pals Cherri and David we started last night off with cocktails at The Ritz Carlton, the newest hotel to hit Toronto's landscape.  We somehow thought the hotel would be a little more dripping deluxe but its interior can best be described as 'upmarket generic'.  Sure, it's a lovely space with commodious halls and bars but it all looked a little like many other un startling hotels we've seen before.  That said, the sevice was friendly, the bar menu extensive and it's handy down town location will probably ensure its success.  But it's not a patch on The Hazelton, our fave Toronto bolthole.

Cocktails downed, we headed uptown for dinner in a remarkably empty resto'.  We wondered if there had been a health scare (of course there hadn't been, we're joking) but it turns out that the Oscars were the problem.  People were having their own parties in and out of town hence the reason that we were the ONLY guests.  Great food... and David and Cherri brought a remarkable bottle of 1967 Petrus Pomerol from Bordeaux  which we enjoyed with dinner.  Blimey; its value would have paid our mortgage for a whole month!   They'd been saving it for a special occasion so we were thrilled to help them enjoy it.

Had a long lie in this morning till about 8am and we've been working on newspaper columns and such like ever since.  Later on we're popping out to meet the folks from Glade and Capital C to discuss the way in which we're going to implement the redesign of one lucky person's home.  Yup, the winner, in our Glade Plugins contest, is being announced and we'll be arranging a $15,000 FREE makeover for them!  Lucky people!  

Hope this finds you well, hale and hearty.  The snow's gone in Toronto and the sun has finally emerged.  Yay!  Hope it stays like this until at least tomorrow for the gala opening of Billy Elliot, an event we're really looking forward to.  Elton and David are going so it should be fun!

More later,

Colin and Justin xxx



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