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Sorry to have missed a couple of days on here...

Anyway - we finally have an hour or so off.  It's Thursday morning and we've had a great few days.  Let's Dance now seems so long ago!  But what a brilliant memory! 

We interviewed Robert Lantos, producer of hit movie Barney's Version (go see it; its a poignant story about a man who lives life to the full but then begins to develop altzheimers) by phone a couple of days ago.  A really warm guy, we linked up with him in LA and you'll see the resultant feature in Saturday' Toronto Star..

It was great guesting on the new OK TV show at Ch 5.  A really fresh reversion of a tea time celeb' show.  Good luck to the team. 

Filmed all day yesterday on a new project and then headed bach home to Chelsea.  My brother Damian popped round for a coffee and then we got on with a wee bit of newspaper work before heading to a wee resto' in Chelsea for dinner. 

So we're getting our breath back.  Heading back over TO Toronto this very morning though so cue jet lag.  And we'll be appearing at The National Home Show on Friday and Saturday at 1.30pm and 7.00pm each day so we hope to see some of you guys down there! SOOO looking forward to getting back to Canada even if it means work work work!

We'll post more later,

Stay well and fabulous, guys.

Loads of love,

Colin and Justin xx


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