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Happy to have had such a blast on Let\'s Dance!

What a scream! Let's Dance was, without a doubt, some of the funnest TV with which we have ever been involved . From the production team through to the choreographers, all our gorgeous dancers and everyone at the BBC it was just wonderful.  Big respect to Whizz Kids, the production comany, for pulling of such a great show.  A show that we hope will have raised a load of cash for Comic Relief.

It's kind of funny - we DIDN'T feel nervous, athough we thought we would have.  Everyone backstage bonded and it was fun to chat with the panel of judges while we were all being made up.  Three really good guys and they did a great job.

And then there was Steve Jones.  I blushed when I met him back stage as I'd been interviewed in Heat some time back about who I thought was the hottest man in TV and I said 'Steve Jones'.  I wondered if he'd seen that 'Secret Crush' article but decided not to ask.  And OMG - in the flesh!? AWESOME.  Though not quite as cute as Colin!

The atmosphere behing the scenes was electric and all the contestants bonded really well.  It was good to catch up with Katie again after the jungle and her Mr Mercury routine was thoroughly tongue in cheek.  When she's just being Katie she's actually really good company and takes the mickey out of herself all the time.  Russell's Beyonce was cleverly composed, the Waterloo Road chaps were amongst the sweetest folk ever and Rebecca - as Bjork -was on the money.  Have to say we had a special fondness for Ed Burne; he was so lovely and put his heart and soul into his Billy Elliot routine.  He had to have his shoes specially 'rubbered' to stop him slipping all over the place and his soles arrived just in time for his performace!

Colette, Damian, Tricia, Lucy, Peter and Maureen were in the audience and Colette and Damian (my brother and sister) were interviewed and said loads of nice stuff.  Great to have them all there to support us!

Guess it was sad for us that we didn't go through but we're genuinly thrilled to have taken part and have no regrets whatsoever about entering the contest.  Even Graham Norton's quip that I looked like Camilla Parker Bowles was taken in good humour.  Camilla Parker Bowles indeed!

When the show was over it took over an hour to get all the make up off... and removing the wigs provided the biggest sense of relief we've ever experienced.  They were expertly fitted but the heat under the fibres was just insane. 

Popped up to the after show party with family and friends and had a great wee night knocking back a few celebratory drinks before we headed off to High Road house for a very late dinner.  Great wee place and a jumping atmosphere...

Today Colin has headed to Scotland to see his Mum but I've stayed in London to get on with other stuff.  He'll be back tomorrow evening so I'll pine till then.  Genuinley.

Took a walk along the Kings Road to the Zara sale and bought seven clothing items (including a pair of leather jeans) for just £39.  For all of it!  Awesome value clobber!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  And to those of you who voted for us we say a massive thank you.

Cheers me dears,

Justin xx


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