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Ouch! Sore ankle!

"I knew it - I should have listened to Katie Price when we went camping together on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!  Yup, when we were in the outback with Katie we discussed all manner of things and one of them was 'glamour'  She was telling us about how she transforms into Jordan or Katie according to who she's going to 'be' that evening and one of the things we discussed was walking in six inch heels!   Maybe if I'd heeded her words I wouldn't, on day three of rehearsals for Let's Dance, have come a serious cropper when I minced down the stage in a very high pair of strappy sandals.  On pain of death we can't say who we're going to be when the competition kicks off this weekend but, suffice to say, one of us (Colin) is playing it straight while I'm done up to the nines in 80's drag as one of my major icons.  Oh my God - it's crazy!  Thankfully my injury is only a twisted ankle and Im dealing with it by using cold compresses but If only Id listened to Katie as she chowed down on her Bush Tucker trials then maybe I'd have been in a better state now and would know how to walk in high heels!  Yup, if it wasn't for the kangaroo penis, cockroaches and fish eyes then we'd have had more time to chat so I could have learned a little about deportment!  I just hope you won't be able to see all my bruising through my fishnet stockings.  Hey ho - it's all good fun and all for a great cause so I shouldn't grumble.  Beauty, as they say, has no pain, so I'll wince as I mince and hope for the best!  Really looking forward to the event and Colin and I promise to give it our BEST shot!.  Twisted ankle or otherwise..."  


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