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OMG - we are KNACKERED!!!!

Achieved loads today.  Had a pre broadcast viewing of our ITV show 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' this morning and then headed for more rehearsals at Ealing Studios along with the Let's Dance Team.  Went reallly well today!  Perfecting our routine an' all...  Catch some pics from the studio on our twitter account!

Tomorrow we have an interview with The Star at 10am which will be in the paper the next day and an interview with The Belfast Telegraph.  So a good wee morning.  Then it's back to Ealing Studios for more hot shoe shuffling!

Tonight we're working on newspaper columns for a couple of hours and then heading out for dinner.  And, with the way we feel at the moment (strung out!) there may be a glass or three of wine...

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  Watch this space for some fab announcements about new shows,

Cheers dears,

Colin and Justin xx 

PS - just a few more sleeps till Toronto...


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