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A new show on ITV1

Off to an edit viewing of 'Home Is Where The Heart Is', a three part homes related doc' for ITV1, which you'll see in just a few short weeks.   We've mentioned this before and as much as we want to tell you every last detail about the show, we're pretty much sworn to secrecy until broadcast as it's a bit of a 'departure' for us.  Yup, it kind of takes us off in a whole new direction...

After this very serious morning it'll be time to amp up the fun factor again as our Let's Dance journey continues.  For the last few days we and a huge team of dancers have been working seperately but today our choreographer Richard will be putting us together for the first time.  Hope we can pull it all off with distinction and not let these wonderful dancers down! 

Filmed another batch of stuff yesterday for ANOTHER secret squirrel show that will be on the BBC in a couple of months.  Something TOTALLY different for us too!  And very stressful and not related to the home at all!  You'll see!  Again, sorry to be furtive but we've been told to keep it all under wraps...

More later lovely peeps,


Colin and Justin xx.


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