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London calling...

Well, after just two days in Glasgow, we back in London again for ten days of filming.  Our rehearsals for Lets Dance start TOMORROW so we're limbering up ahead of all of that.  We've got four days filming our other 'secret squirrel' show and that one, take it from us, is already layering on the stress!

The first televised heat of Lets Dance is this Saturday on BBC1 so PLEASE vote for us if you enjoy the crazy spectacle of high camp you'll witness!  All we can say about what we're doing is that it's, ahem, just a little over the top!

This morning we flew down to London and because it's my (Justin's) birthday we're off to The Wolsely, our fave London resto' for dinner.  In the meantime we're lolling around our wee Chelsea pad thinking that we have to reno' this place soon.  There's only so much of someone else's taste we can live with!  And navy blue carpet?  Pulease!

Trust thsi finds you all hale and hearty.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes here and on facebook and twiter.

Cheers from both of us,

C et J xx



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