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Bits and Bobs...

Evening troops!

Been a busy wee day at our end!  We had an editorial viewing of our ITV homes related show this morning.  The first two ep's are now cut so our director came up from London and we spent the morning going through all the footage to see how it looks.  It's gonna be a powerful show.  We still have to see the third and final episode but it should make for a very interesting series.  As soon as we have TX dates we'll let all you know.

After this we did some family business and then popped into TK Maxx for some new clobber.  Found an AMAZING silver suit, narrow collar and skinny trousers for an astonishing £59.  It's gorge!  Going to The Showbiz Ball this weekend so that's clothing taken care of for one of us, Justin, at least!

Came back home around 5pm and spent a few hours going through kitchen drawers dumping all the clutter that's built up over the last few weeks.  We actually filled two big black bin bags!  God knows where it all comes from!

Tidying attended to (oh, the glamour) we met up with Peter for dnner at The Killermont Polo Club.  It's a hidden gem Indian Restaurant in Maryhill.  Located in an old Victorian villa it's staffed with friendly waiters and the food is really good.  Very, very good, actually.

Sated (in food terms anyway) we headed to The Chip on Ashton Lane for a wee shandy.  Ran into some lovely pals from the past and had a great catch up. 

Now back at the ranch planning a relatively early night.  Got a lovely lunch with our pal Liz tomorrow and then a couple of meetings.  Busy times ahead call for plenty of sleep!

Hope you guys are all well.  More from us tomorrow,

C et J xx


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