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Kick Ass! Plus before and After gallery updates...

Ola, dollies,

Well, we've had a great wee day doing lots of little bits and pices around the house.  We also went to The Sally Army store for a browse to see if we could pick up a 1970's sideboard... but no joy as yet.  We'll keep trying.

Headed next into the British Heart And Stroke shop on Dumbarton Road and just missed an awesome art work of a Milanese sports stadium.  Part architectural rendering, part etching and part painting it was composed in a palette of grey and beige and measured 7 feet square on a stretch canvas frame.  And the cost?  Just £60.  But someone else bagged it before us.  DAMN!!!!  It was actually awesome and proof perfect - were it ever needed - that it makes great sense to visit store like these where often luurk wonderful deals.  Oh, well...

Next, we popped into Designs On You II to settle up an account for some tartan toss pillows that  they made for us and then we dashed up to Quidest, our FAVOURITE Glaswegian florist, for some Lillies which are now looking FABULOUS in our kitchen. 

Having popped back home we managed to squeeze in time to watch 'Kick Ass', a movie we'd highly recommend.  The lead actor is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and he plays a modern day have a go hero 'superhero'.  A fun film that passed a couple of hours!  Go rent it!

All our nespaper and magazine columns are up to date so we're going to open a wee bottle of wine and chill out.  We've a busy week coming up in London and then we head back home to Toronto.  So any time we can find to relax before all that kicks off can only be a good thing!

Cheers for now, lovelies,

C and J xx



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