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Bathroom before and after...

Aye, you definitely can polish a turd. Here's a Colin and Justin bathroom project in both its before and after incarnations. As we found it (heaving and bilious all the time), the hellish shag carpet would have given Austin Powers the dry gags. But we knew we could make it right. Using toffee coloured marble tiles (from Rona - we're sensible with our decor spells) and a whole load of mirror we set to work. Problem solving? Aye - we added towel storage, a double vanity and a waterproof TV. And an element of privacy via that modesty wall (designed by us to provide a modicum of 'eyes aff') that separates the crapper from the vanity area. Quite the transformation, eh? Now, when our clients are lying in that deep soaker tub, up to their nipples in Miss Matey, they can relax and recollect the carnage that once was. Mustard shag? We're sure there's a cream for that… 
Anyway - hope you lovelies like this project. Please and thank you xx


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