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Vive la difference... With OUR guidance, YOU can do this!

A MAJOR Colin & Justin before and after. Here's how we did it...

Oh dear. Two words that perfectly sum up the grim aesthetic of our dreary before shot. Hard to believe the previously grim room was the 'work' of two thirty something's with a penchant for style. Or, ahem, so they told us...

Crisp white - a lovely backdrop for our proposed new look. Our clients have an expectation that we'll deliver perfect results EVERY time. On this occasion, that meant art gallery chic and an assembly of mid century detailing. To save some money we re used the existing circular sofa but re invented it with clever upholstery and faux pony skin inserts. Fresh blue accents and timber touches helped us completely rebrand the hellishly gloomy space. Little wonder our paymasters began talking in tongues as we welcomed them home. Home to a place they could finally love...


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