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The Duke statue in Glasgow and his pokey hat...

We're Glasgow boys, as you know (okay, one of us came via Fort William) and at the moment we're feeling SO homesick. Sure, due to our work load, we have to work away much of the time. And Toronto has been SOOOOOO good to us. We've grown love our home from home. It's all good, but we need a Scottish fix. We'll be back in The Dear Green Place before Christmas for a really long trip of work and pleasure. Bring it on, say we! In the meantime - we just spotted this video of a phenomenon currently happening in our beloved Glasvegas. For those who don't know, the Duke statue normally wears a traffic cone hat, even though the council currently has plans to build some silly structure to stop revellers popping the pokey hat atop the Duke's head. But they needn't bother. Cos that AIN'T how the hat gets up there. In Glasgow, you see, even our statues have special powers. OMG we need to go home for a wee while. 6 weeks should do it. We'll see you soon, dear city.  

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