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Resawn lumber on Cityline

Howdie - trust all's well in the world with you chaps. We're bright eyed and bushy tailed after a great evening with our pals Mark and Laura - we visited e11even at Maple Leaf Square for dinner. So good! Awesome tenderloin, great buzz and lots of fab' people. It's a part of the city that, whilst near our condo, we don't tend to visit much. Last night reminded us it's a cool enclave that we should frequent more. This morning, somehow bright eyed and bushy tailed after a fun, boozy night, we're heading in to Citytv to prepare for our segments on Cityline, Canada's fave morning show. We're taping tomorrow. This time we're discussing 're sawn lumber'. What dat? Okay, ready for the science bit? Here goes; re sawn lumber is wood that's been sawn on a horizontal axis to produce two thinner pieces. Essentially it's a great alternative to barn board which can be 5-7 bucks per linear foot. Re sawn is approx' a buck a foot (for pine) and, due t...o its porous nature, it takes stain and paint SO easily. Our segments on Cityline are all about 'seasonal transitioning' (taking your home from summer to winter) and, during one, we'll be using painted re sawn wood (painted with 80% water and 20% latex) and on the other we'll be staining the wood with instant coffee. Yes, you read that correctly. The paint mix costs FIFTEEN dollars for an average sized bedroom and the coffee mix about SIX dollars. Two incredibly affordable ways to decorate untreated lumber walls. And two VERY different interior design looks. Come on chaps and chapesses - you know that, with us, interior design doesn't have to break the bank. Our premise? That everyone, no matter their financial or social standing, has precisely the same right to a stylish home. We're pre taping tomorrow and will post the transmission date thereafter. Have a fun weekend, everyone. Put your feet up and make sure someone spoils you like crazy! Hugs, Colin and Justin xx


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