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Life at the cottage!

Today, at the lake, we tackled a strategic vista prune with a willing team of lads who made light work of our dense, heavy bush. Countless tress were trimmed (NOT felled) and, all of a sudden, the twinkling lake was there to behold, having... been concealed, previously, by dense verdant undergrowth. As the clock ticked, digger trucks plunged deep into the rocky terrain, several car sized boulders were repositioned to secure our hillside and a dumper truck of gravel arrived at the cottage. And we did everything with careful respect for the landscape. Hells frickin' bells we have THE best team of contractors, granite suppliers, labourers, roofers, landscapers and builders. No job, for them, is too big. No task too heavy. No request too arduous. Thank you, boys - you absolutely rock. Without you - and you all know who you are - we could not pull off this miracle... More pictures and details to follow. Our new show, 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure', airs in Spring 2014 on Cottage Life TV. And let us just say; you will hardly believe this CRAZY adventure could be undertaken by two, ahem, previously committed city lads. Mani pedi's? NO. Car service? NO. Great shopping? Yes, for fruit and veg'. Displaced in the country with downright urban predilections? Let's just say we learn a whole new way of life. And we rather like that which we discover... Watch this space! Colin and Justin xx


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