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Good to be back!

Evening troops! So we're back! Aye, it's fair to say we've been lost to TIFF this last while (and OMG we had a FANTASTIC time with City News and Entertainment City) but, with IMMEDIATE effect, our attentions are turning back towards the home. Design and décor are ever more important to us (all will be revealed in a day or so when we divulge our TV news!) but, in the meantime, here's a classic Colin and Justin living room transformation to whet your appetites. We started with a bland beige box with zero personality and, at our clients behest, created a preppy meets Miami white and blue sanctuary.
Once again, cheers for your patience as we schmoozed those illustrious red carpets. But, as we said, now we're back to full tilt on social media... and in our various journalistic outposts. Double, in fact TRIPLE yay!
More soon,
Colin and Justin, International Style Warriors and Righters Of Decorative Affray xx


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