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Lakeisde and lovin\' it...

God damn it we're REALLY enjoying our time up north.  Chilling with our roomies Cherri and David and chewing the fat as regards our re modelling plans for the wee cabin.  Got SOOOO much to do and really looking forward to seeing our plans come alive. 

For the last couple of nights we've let fireworks off from our dock.  Seeing them explode and pierce the inky black skies is quite a spectacle.  And yes there was wine.  Plenty of that...  And probably every type of alcohol known to man...

Today we've a load of folk coming to look at the house; kitchen peeps, window suppliers and such like.  We're SOOOOO excited as we stand at the brink of a huge makeover of this space.  It may be a simple cabin for now but it's gonna have every type of bell and smell known to man.  But NOTHING will undermine the character of the log house; our plans are all about respecting the lake and loving the house back to life.  T'will be gorgeous!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty and having a great early summer. 

Hugs from oop north,

C&J xx



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