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Good morning world! T'rono calling! Aye, Canada is certainly heating up! Hope you enjoyed the fun on Cityline this morning. Morning TV at its best. Cheers to Tracy and the gang and thanks to Homesense, Habitat For Humanity, Ikea and The Barn Board Store for their involvement with our designs. Glamour on a budget - that's our motto!
It's perking up to be in the mid 20's today and we have an ho...ur free! Yay! So it's 'slip slap slop' with the factor 30 and out onto our wee terrace. Planning meeting this avo, then we have a proto type approval session for our next batch of 'Colin and Justin Home' designs. Then we'll be tanking it the gym to perk up the flesh before heading to a dinner party to bid a fond farewell to pals Ashley and Sylvia who are leaving their post in Canada to head back to the UK. It'll be a fun night tinged with a little sadness...


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