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Jeeeeeeeeeeeez we\'re pooped!

Breakfast at The London in West Hollywood. Swim on the rooftop pool. Briefing with two clients and arguing (!) with BOTH about floor finishes. Working by computer on our next Cityline segments for City in Canada. More meetings. Brunch on Rodeo Drive. Lusting in the Chanel store. Jog around Melrose to work it all off. Lunch with pals. Meetings. Happy Hour on Sunset. Damn those half pric...e cocktails. Dart into our fave tatooist to discuss another piece of skin art. Back to The London West Hollywood to watch US Idol. Bye bye Lazaro. A bottle of wine on our terrace...and sleep. Nitely go lightly. Jetting back to Toronto tomorrow but NOT until we've met with LA clients in the early afternoon to plan their MEGA bathroom..
C&J xx


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