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New York, New York...

Walked to the airport in Toronto and, just 55 minutes later, we arrived in New York. Swift car service delivered us to our mid town hotel and we're now chilling out in fluffy towels after long hot baths. Going to dress and hit the 'hood immediately. We have the night off before a VERY busy day tomorrow of kilt fittings ahead of 'From Scotland With Love', the exciting fashion show. Skies are blu...e, air is surprisingly clear and we've got a C&J candle burning in our suite. Happy times. No idea where we're going tonight but one thing's for certain; we'll be breaking our four day no alcohol fast. God damn it, we're in The Big Banana. We'll jog it off around the streets in the morning listening to The Apple Stretching on our iPods. Thank you Miss Jones. Jones. We are slaves to your rhythm...


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