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Jeeeeeeeez! Does our room make you wanna take a vacation or what!??

Hey chaps; some of you lovely peeps have asked where all our lovely large format room images are sourced from. Allow us to enlighten you! ALL the rooms we feature are from our own studio, either TV rooms or private client jobs. Just so you know! But anyway; we digress! Back to business - so you wanna steal a chase on the emerging 'preppy' trend? Well here's one we prepared earlier. You'll be seeing a LOAD more preppy style from us very soon! With a touch of Floridian decor thrown in for good measure, the freshening qualities of our project room should warm you up ahead of Spring. And yes; this, perhaps, is NOT the direction you should consider if you have a house full of dogs or cats! Mind you there's always the wonderful world of loose - and washable - covers... We custom manufactured all upholstery using N'Shape Design in Toronto. Floor by Amtico. Try Hunter Douglas for similar shutters and Ikea (yup, Ikea!) for similar rugs... Colin and Justin, Style Warriors


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