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Drama, babies, DRAMA!

We know. We KNOW! You won't ALL like this C&J bathroom project but, for our clients, it was just what they ordered. Key 'take away' points - Amtico floor for ease of maintenance. A roll top bath on timber plinths. Toffee coloured marble vanity (custom manufactured) and acres of red mini mosaic from Tile Shoppe. Oh yes, and ruby red string curtaining protected from moisture by a clear polythene type shower curtain. Moulin Rouge frenzy? Ah oui! Hedonistic to the power of ten but, as a welcome response to their previously beige bathroom, our peeps felt like they'd spilt the decorating atom. And we, with excitement, felt like we'd split our pants. Aye, banishing the beige, on a global platform, one dreary room at a time!

C&J xx


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